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Providing comprehensive services to the Real Estate Industry

Gold Weems has confidently represented clients in real estate matters throughout Louisiana since its founding. Gold Weems proudly services all aspects of the real estate industry, representing clients ranging from the first time homebuyer to the large industrial business. 
Our experienced real estate attorneys aid both individuals and businesses to navigate real estate transactions from initial development discussions through closing and construction. Additionally, we help our clients organize, structure, and negotiate real estate transactions, and we draft and prepare rental agreements, oil and gas leases, purchase agreements, operating agreements, merger agreements, or any other contract that may be required to address our client's individual needs.
Gold Weems' real estate attorneys are licensed title insurance agents of First American Title Insurance Company.  Our team often examines the chain of title of property and renders title opinions letters to our clients based on property law issues that arise under the unique civil law tradition of Louisiana.
Gold Weems prides itself on its reputation for excellence and can provide you with excellent services for all of your real estate needs. We have the skill and experience to assist you when you want to purchase a new home for your growing family or to expand the footprint of your growing business. Gold Weems is here to grow with you.