The Associate Experience

Gold Weems provides the tools and resources necessary for associates to excel and ascend.

New associates are not required to select specialized areas of law initially, but are assigned work in areas of law compatible with their interest and the needs of the firm. This less structured approach allows career choices to be made at various stages in the associate’s development and assures that each associate will have a broad background in the firm’s practice.
The new associate is generally assigned to work primarily with one senior attorney, and most work is done in teams. The firm encourages the early assumption of responsibility by the new attorney and favors direct client contact whenever appropriate.
Associates soon discover that the atmosphere at Gold Weems is one of collaboration rather than hierarchy. We treat each other with respect and fairness.  Experience is shared, and individual contributions count.  The firm offers associates in-house seminars on a variety of topics ranging from law office economics to substantive legal issues. These regular seminars serve as valuable educational opportunities.

At Gold Weems, our associates are treated like the professionals they are. Each associate has a goal of logging 2000 billable hours annually. Associates are encouraged and expected to take time off as his or her workload allows. The firm formally evaluates associates annually, but direct communication and feedback during the year is the norm.

The firm recognizes that alternative work arrangements are sometimes necessary.  We have in the past accommodated and embraced such arrangements through our staff attorney positions, which are non-shareholder track, and which may be part-time.  The firm considers such arrangements on a case-by-case basis.


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