Charlie Weems Honored by LPB as 2016 Louisiana Legend

May 06, 2016
Charles S. Weems, III

Gold Weems President Charles S. Weems, III was introduced as a 2016 Louisiana Legends Honoree by the Louisiana Public Broadcasting Co. at the 26th Annual Louisiana Legends Awards Gala held at the Old State Capitol in Baton Rouge, on Thursday, May 5, 2016. Governor John Bel Edwards chaired the event for LPB at which Weems and four other prominent Louisianans were presented as the 2016 Legends.

The Louisiana Legends Awards Gala is a special event hosted annually by Friends of Louisiana Public Broadcasting. This event recognizes the best and brightest of Louisiana’s sons and daughters who have distinguished themselves in a variety of disciplines, and who have brought honor to the State of Louisiana. Louisiana Legends have been named and recognized each year by LPB since the event’s inception in 1990.

Weems’ broad and diverse public, community and civic service made him the first practicing attorney to be honored by LPB as a Louisiana Legend.

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