Drell and Barnett win vacation of Judgment for mispresentations in US District Court, Western District of Louisiana

October 21, 2009
Bradley L. Drell

Bradley L. Drell and Amanda W. Barnett won a motion for relief from a default judgment taken by the Farm Service Agency based on what the court found to be the "government's misrepresentations" of the amounts owed on FSA loans in two different affidavits, one of which was signed by the Executive Director of the Farm Service Agency for the State of Louisiana.

The US District Court for the Western District of Louisiana had issued the original judgment, which, the same court has found to be incorrect by over $70,000.  The court also declined the FSA's request to simply issue a corrected judgment and will require a trial.  The firm was hired by the defendants in the action after the judgment was taken.

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