Gold Weems Employment Lawyers Prevail at the Louisiana Supreme Court

May 03, 2016

Gold Weems employment lawyers, Steven M. Oxenhandler, Michael J. O’Shee, and Leisa B. Lawson, representing the City of Alexandria, briefed and argued a case involving multiple civil service employee issues before the Louisiana Supreme Court on January 26, 2016.  In dispute were (1) whether the standard of review of an evidentiary ruling is “de novo” or “good faith and for cause;” and (2) whether the exclusionary rule of evidence applies to allegedly improperly obtained drug and alcohol tests of a civil service employee.  The Louisiana Supreme Court ruled in favor of the City of Alexandria, holding that both the de novo standard of review applies to evidentiary rulings at a civil service hearing, and the exclusionary rule does not apply to prevent the introduction of allegedly improperly obtained drug and alcohol tests at a civil service hearing. 
This ruling constitutes an important victory for appointing authorities throughout the State of Louisiana.  For the complete opinion, click here.