Gold Weems Workers’ Compensation Team Wins at Trial on behalf of the City of Natchitoches

February 03, 2020

In January, 2018, a Natchitoches police officer, Miranda Mayrand, was involved in an on-duty automobile accident, suffering back and leg injuries.  The City approved Ms. Mayrand’s workers comp claim and paid for medical care.  Ms. Mayrand was being treated in August 2018, when she was involved in a second on-duty automobile accident.  She never mentioned being hurt in August.  On the same day as but after the second accident,  Ms. Mayrand treated with her pain management doctor from the first accident and told the doctor, she felt great –  never mentioning the second automobile accident.  A few weeks later, Ms. Mayrand went to her orthopedic doctor, never mentioned the second accident, and was released to full-time work.  Through September and October Ms. Mayrand continued her physical therapy prescribed for injuries from the first accident, never mentioned the second accident and, in mid-October, was released from physical therapy to full-duty. 
 A month later, in November 2018, Ms. Mayrand went to Dr. Gunderson, an orthopedic physician in Lake Charles, and then decided to report injuries from the second accident and make a workers’ compensation claim.  The City of Natchitoches denied the claim.  Led by M. Allison Johnson and Steven M. Oxenhandler, the Gold Weems workers’ compensation team, the matter then went to trial.  After a full trial, the judge held Ms. Mayrand failed to prove any injury from the second accident and dismissed her 2nd workers compensation claim.  The judge cited Ms. Mayrand’s lack of credibility and overwhelming medical evidence against her.  No appeal was taken of the Judge’s ruling.  Miranda Mayrand v. City of Natchitoches.  A copy of the judgment is linked here.